Is anybody else not excited about Sting fighting Seth Rollins for the title?

As Dave Meltzer stated in the February 3, 2014 edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter: “CM Punk said he has no problem with Batista coming back in a Mania main event spot, but he did have a problem with Dwayne Johnson because he doesn’t think you should be in the business part-time & take a WrestleMania spot from someone who deserves it, but since Batista is around the long haul he has no problem. I hope he doesn’t really mean that because it would tell me he doesn’t understand the concept of a drawing card, since the three Mania shows Johnson came back for were the three biggest grossing events of all-time because of that fact.”

At a Comic-Con event in Portland, Oregon on January 24, 2014 just prior to taking his ball & going home (breaching his contract, screwing fans who paid money to seen him by not fulfilling his obligations to appear at future events, not doing the honours on his way out & instead beating The Shield in 3 on 1 handicap matches) Punk was negative about WWE potentially bringing in Sting because he'd be a part timer. Punk said Sting should not come to WWE because he doesn't have anything left in the tank & would again take away from the younger wrestlers. Keep in mind this is the same hypocrite who pushed for a match with Stone Cold Steve Austin for years. Universally liked & respected by his peers in the industry & by all accounts one of the nice guys in the business, 28 year veteran Sting truly earned & deserved his place on the WrestleMania 31 card.

I'm super pumped for Sting vs. Seth Rollins. I'm emotionally invested in Sting - I grew up with him & I hope he wins the strap.

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