Anybody ever sit back and think about how unstable Felix is? He tried to kill Bob and Calvin, he poked his brothers eye out, locked Linda in a supply closet…But then there are times when he asks for the kids help in a hide & seek game against his brother. Idk how to feel lol.

When did I say I expected consistency? As stated before, the purpose of this platform is to discuss characters and how we FEEL about them. That’s all I was doing and what most of us do here.

I don’t get why you and other commenters like to try to make us feel like we shouldn’t dive into the show and out of reality for a while. That’s the purpose of entertainment. Making us feel things and sometimes we want to share those feelings with other people.

Frankly, it’s no fun if you simply look at it for what it is. Diving into it and even making up your own theories is the fun part and the beauty of entertainment. Add in a community of people who also watch the show and have some of the same ideas as you make it a party.

But it just seems like people like you want to take the fun out of it for some reason.

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