Anybody interested in starting FPV quadcopter racing?

MARCCA (Madison Area Radio Control Car Association) is a RC Group here in Madison that races indoor carpet and offroad RC cars. But the warehouse where we race also has a roughly 75'x75' area to fly in. Lately quads have been gaining alot of traction there, to the point that some people have been seting up an indoor track with hoops and pipes. Most people fly on Saturdays inbetween the offroad car races. I just built a mini 250 and have been flying around on Sundays. I'll be there all day tomorrow (roughly 9am-6pm) if you want to stop by. The address is 2841 Index Rd Madison, Wisconsin; so it's just below the beltline. The facebook page is here. Cost would normally be $5 for practice for a non-member, this helps to pay for rent and electricity, but if you just want to check it out, I'm sure no one would be in a big fuss if you didn't pay.

Flying indoors is nice because of the temperature outside, plus having windless conditions is nice for setting up a multirotor or learning to fly. However, the temperature is on the rise and I can't wait to get outside. I would glad to join you outside if I can, though transportation might be an issue for me.

Let me know if you have any questions about MARCCA, I'm glad to help. It's really a cool group of RC enthusiasts. Many have been in the hobby for longer than I have been alive, so there is a lot of sage.

Oh and by the way, if you or any one else for that matter wants to come tomorrow. Let me know and I'll keep an eye out for someone new coming in with a quad rather than a car. Haha.


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