Was anybody watching the series finale when it aired live?

It was chilling! It really was. My dad and I watched it together. We had the conversation oh wow this is really it isn't it? We had many quiet moments of silence. It definitely felt epic to us. We wallowed in what it was, "the end of an era!" But really, we let the moment live and felt apart of something big. We werent sad because reruns of Friends ran rampant on cable TV. But it was a great moment sitting on the couch together watching them put the keys down.

Side story. My friend who grew up on a farm with out a tv watched friends our first year of college. Someone in our dorm had a box set. She fell in love and went through the show quickly, a true fan delighted at the humor of it, none of the over analyzing done here, pure appreciation for the humor. One day she came into my room crying. She saw the finale episode and didn't know it was the last episode, she thought she had one more left to watch and couldn't contain it when she realized she had seen the last without knowing it was the end. The whole floor knew haha she was yelling at everyone "why didnt you tell me!!!!"

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