Is anyone attempting feminization/demasculinization hrt without breast grown?

Your best bet would to just take weekly high dose injections of estradiol weekly or bi-weekly. You want a lot of e1 for breast growth in it's early development of boobs which you get from oral e. Injections gives you e2 which is important after puberty but not for the early development. This is what you want. You're intentionally stunting growth early and skipping female puberty.

Plus, you can do monotherapy with Injections in the long run without risk since plenty of trannies already do it without trouble.

There hasn't really been studies that look into how to limit breast growth but it has been noted that high-dose estrogen does limit breast development in girls during puberty. The original study was done on women going through puberty but that's essentially what you're body is going through on hrt so it's pretty comparable.

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