Has anyone been on a ghost tour and actually got to experience something paranormal?

I took a tour of the Winchester Mystery House. I've often thought this house actually had little real paranormal activity, and the "spirits" were just in Mrs. Winchester's head. I have a tendency to turn off my camera when I'm not taking a photo, and when I stopped to shoot a little square room on the top floor, it wouldn't turn on. I tried again in the next room, with the same result. In the following one, I was able to operate it just fine.

I had a similar incident on what wasn't an official ghost tour. A friend of a friend worked security at a mall, which included a closed multiplex theater; he and other guards had to unlock it and tour the building daily, and he had always gotten a strong sinister vibe in one of the theaters. I and the friend got a tour, and we asked him not to say which theater creeped him out. Everything had been stripped, from seats to projectors, and we went through everywhere with him. Neither I nor my friend, who is sensitive, felt or saw anything unusual, until I went into one of the auditoriums and my camera (I'd put in fresh batteries when I arrived) wouldn't turn on. I took them out of the camera, and they were really, really hot! I let it cool off, put in new ones, turned the switch on, nothing happened. When I walked out of the theater into the lobby, it powered on. The lobby was a long space on two levels, with steps between. A long ramp ran down the center. While we were headed down the ramp towards the doors, I saw in my peripheral vision what looked like a guy, crouched down, running from behind the ramp wall into the nearest theater. Before I could even turn my head, my friend ran in there, saying he saw the same thing. Again, nothing unusual inside.

Nothing came up on my photos, not even dust orbs. The guy who gave us the tour said he'd jokingly asked a coworker, "So, have you seen a ghost in the theater yet?" She said, "...I thought I was the only one." He said, "You feel creepy in theater 5 too?" She said, "Theater 5? No. But the projector area feels like death!" The place was built as a fitness club, which never made money, and the roof leaked; the club moved and had more success. The theater which rebuilt the inside was similarly unsuccessful and, funnily enough, ran nothing but horror films for its last five years or so, and no matter how many times the roof was re-done, it always leaked. As far as I know, the building is still abandoned (it's in Tacoma, WA.)

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