Anyone see the bullshit about Seeking arrangement on Vice’s Snapchat Story?

Honestly, I’m a 28 year old, attractive female and have met some pretty great guys on SA.... and had my bills paid by them when I was dealing with some financial stuff. One of them I’ve been friends with for almost two years even after we’ve moved on from our SA relationship. It’s legit, but you have to know what you’re willing to do/not willing to do and be stern about it. Most guys on there either want a quick fuck or an actual companion that they can talk to about real things... the more kinky and REAL the sugar baby is.. the more they are wanted. A LOT of people go on there being the biggest spoiled brats without working for it.. expecting crazy amounts of money for being a sex toy that does none of the work. I love serving a man but at one point I gave in to a more submissive guy and he literally gave me $500 because he liked giving pretty ladies back massages and maybe having sex... (we did and I’m not ashamed) he was 50 and I introduced him to choking...(the first time he ever did that) and he loved it and just wanted to know more about my love for BDSM after that. I love teaching about it which is probably why I love the site so much. A lot of guys surprisingly have a hard time finding girls who are open about loving the Dominant/submissive lifestyle, letting them feed on their natural cravings to be in control, including rough sex, so it’s a thrill for everyone involved with the occasional one who is just not satisfied sexually in their relationship for various reasons.

I’m a normal but kinky girl and that’s a big reason the site intrigued me... most wealthy men tend to be super dominant which is what I crave and it’s hard to find. I’m clean, not in that life anymore, but don’t regret it for a second. I had nothing but good experiences on SA, but I was also smart and careful about it. Some people (including the sugar daddies) are totally unrealistic in their expectations which ruins it for people.

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