Anyone concerned about AGS localizing this game?

Dupe issues - Developer's fault

Items disappearing - Developer's fault

Stupid balancing patches - Developer's fault

Copy paste world and enemies - Developer's fault

Dumb gold compenstations - Developer's fault

Long maintenance times - Can be Publisher or Developer's fault.

Bad servers - Publisher's fault (in this case only. Bad netcode would be on the developers)

Bad translations - Publisher's fault

Bad voice acting - Publisher's fault (for localizations, since this task is owned by Amazon for Lost Ark)

The issues with New World have all been because Amazon are terrible game developers. Even then, they have all the right ideas, they're just incompetent (or have budget/time issues).

Although publishers can influence development of a game (see EA), all of Amazon's changes so far have been very positive. I'm not concerned at all so long as Smilegate is the one actually making changes to the game and Amazon is just providing the servers/translations.

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