Or anyone that doesn't know how a basic society should run

Why dont you try and show me which ones arent socialist?

You are supporting an openly supporting socialist, and denying that her policy is socialist.

Its probably harder for you to point out the non-socialist policies. Condisering you didnt actually provide any of these non-socialist policies you claim exist, im calling bullshit on your dumbass.

Trump won and its been 2 years. You still cant figure your shit out. Your party is litterally doomed. Zero consistancy. The hypocracy is crazy. You have all lost your minds

You are so crazy, you are denying the very point the person you are defending exists.

She is litterally a socialist. She admits it. She thinks ists a good thing. Even you are so out of touch that you think she isnt a socialist

To me that means you dont actually know what socialism is. So go ahead and keep trying to point out how im wrong. Get out of your bubble you extremist

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