Anyone think Edwin will be the next to go?

It's gonna be Bautista, and this my thinking... Edwin and Bautista both make perfect sense to trade because Tulowitzki is an MVP calibre player AND another right handed hitter. Anthopolous knows we need pitching.

I think it's going to be Bautistas star power that makes him the trade target. I've noticed a lot of have been people questioning his attitude lately because he's always flipping out and he seems very frustrated. But more importantly a quick rebuilding piece for any team not happy with how things are going.

He's shown consistency and is one of the leagues best power hitters, a big name with lots of flash to back it up. He's good in the field and he's at an okay age. But I think looking at what the Jays have going for them right now, selling him at a high value now for a pitcher of similar quality would put the Jays organization at an amazing place for years to come.

I think if Bautista is on the table, any team like Cincinnati, San Diego and Detroit would all be best suitors.

For me a deal with San Diego for Bautista, Dickey, Norris and possible another for Shields and Kimbel would be a dream come true. San Diego has a new GM named AJ Preller and he went absolutely mental this summer trading away every amazing prospect from their farm systems, which what ranked one the leagues best farm systems. He added Kemp, Norris, Meyers, Middlebrooks and Upton who have all been mediocre at best since the trade. At this point it looks like Preller has all but ruined what was a bright future for the Padres and they're no better; I think he's got to be all in at this point. He's shown he's in it for the big names and will pull off trades to get them. and at this point his job could very well be on the line.

With Bautista and possibly a pitcher to replace Shields, he could probably start scoring more runs at least and that could help them appease their fans a bit and get a bit of exciting going. You throw in prospects for Kimbrel and his able to put a bandaide on the wound he inflicted in their prospect pool.

Have I lost my mind?

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