Anyone else already starting to prepare emotionally for another Trump victory in 2020

if Trump wins in 2020 again

Will not happen.

(A) The (fake) win due to Electoral College manipulation in was very close in 2016. (B) Trump has lost 100X more supporters than he has gained since 2016. (C) More young people (four years' worth) riled up by marches / they will almost all be voting Blue (D) More old and stupid people who supported Trump are dead now than there were in 2016.
(E) Bots can't vote. Yeah, Twitter / Facebook (and even sadly Reddit) might feel like they are swimming w/Trumptards, but that is just you being deceived; most pro-Trump accounts online are vapid, empty "made to fake the numbers" ... just as a puffer fish cannot scare its prey away until it puffs up with hot air, so too are the Republikkkans puffing up their scarcity with fake supporters.

The only chance those Republikkkans have is getting Trump out and putting someone else in the election. We're not going to re-elect an impeached coward.

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