Anyone Else Been Blamed for “Abandoning” the Narc after THEY Ghosted You?

My ex gave me another silent treatment and married someone else. I took that opportunity to move on and go no contact.

Five (five!) years later, he starts trying to contact me and I block him on every new platform he tries without ever responding. His messages were ridiculous. He said he was "worried" about me because I wasn't responding and had clearly blocked him and all our mutual friends (his flying monkeys). Worse, he said he'd traveled across the country to see people to dig up dirt on me. My favorite part: "I just need to know you're okay."

FIVE YEARS. He's married. He abandoned me years earlier.

But yeah, I'm the bad guy and totally out of control.

I never responded to him. So glad he's out of my life. These people are delusional.

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