Anyone else been doing drugs so long that new people they meet can’t tell they are on somthing and using?

I kinda enjoy being able to use and people not know. Not around family though, just too sketchy for me. Growing up I thought to do drugs and to look innocent was my cute sexy thing, then I realized I wasn't special lol. But currently there are kids at my work who just discovered weed, smoke on the clock and they never stop talking, working slow, listening to music, and just acting a fool and when I ask them to work they get offended! I was like that when I first starting smoking but damn it's annoying. I just do stims at work, never anything major (molly was prob the dumbest), I sometimes just talkative but I'm a pro at working and talking. I'm in a higher position than a few people and am yelling "walk and talk people!!!" My work would be happy I take unprescribed adderall lol

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