Was anyone else disappointed with Kingdom Hearts 3?

That’s a tough one. I love the lore, even though it’s dumb. And I’ve played every game in the series, so I loved every bit of original content that was there. But I think the Disney worlds really fell flat, and a part of that was on Pixar studios to be honest. Just to give an example, There was actually a period of about 2 years, where the toy story world was in constant flux. Not knowing where they were allowed to go, not knowing who was allowed to be in it, having to rewrite scripts constantly. The reason why? Pixar wouldn’t respond and had no interest in communicating with square Enix. That game made me cry more than any piece of media i’ve ever seen. And I’m like 25. Lol. But KH2 is definitely the best game in the series. I still think it’s like a 9.5/10 game. Even when I replayed it like a year or so ago

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