Anyone else have emotional nightmares? Like nightmares that, to anyone else observing, would seem pretty tame as far as nightmares go, but are emotionally jarring?

Yeah, see, your dream is the kind of dream that would tip me off that I was dreaming; and then it would be lucid. I used to be an irrational dreamer, too. When I was a kid, certain television logos used to haunt me. Something about the PBS head must've hinted at death. My nightmares used to revolve around that logo, and to this day, I can't sleep if someone's television in the next room is set to channel 13. Or, if in the dream, the tv is set to 13, or a show is just coming to an end and fucking any logos start rolling after the credits, it's a red flag and a signal to haul ass out of the building. Those logos will give your whole dream bad vibes for the entire duration of the dream. Nasty vibes you literally feel on your skin and in the air around you, because reasons. Sometimes the feeling is accompanied by a smell, and you can smell it. It smells like approaching doom; like an extremely strong medicinal smell. But whatever fucking enemy is after you, is always invisible until the end.

I stopped having those dreams after one instance where I recognized that logos permeating a dream was a signal that I was dreaming... And then the skies cleared. It was daylight out, and they were gone. Faint music started playing. I could fly again. And it was beautiful. And then, of course, I woke up right before I could even enjoy this new lucidity.

But "Brought to you by the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, and contributions to your PBS station by viewers like you" is still a trigger for me, and I'm not kidding.

To /u/KisslessVirginLoser, I get sleep paralysis, too. My SP episodes are sometimes accompanied by an uncomfortable vibrating feeling, like being tickled in the worst way. Ugh. It's like the 3rd eye transcendental dream ascension to a different dimension shit you hear lucid dreamers talk about on their forums, but like, I'm somehow doing it wrong, and I'm descending to a lower vibration. Because maybe it's not supposed to feel as uncomfortable as it does. But I wouldn't know.

Sorry for the wall of text. TLDR; I can relate to both of you.

And happy Valentine's Day, by the way, KVL. I feel for you, brah. Better luck next year. Points for just barely relevant username.

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