Anyone else a fan of Taylor's podcast?

I'm glad to hear she doesn't use the annoying verbal inflections and isn't judgmental or condescending, but I can't bring myself to listen to her podcast after how she acted on the shows. Let's say she got a terrible edit on The Bachelor (though that's hard to believe), she hardly took responsibility on Women Tell All and mostly played the victim card. Even on BIP, she butted into the Dominique/Diggy/Lacey situation without having any regard for Lacey's feelings. I know Lacey isn't too popular on this sub, but I don't care who it is, you just don't interfere like that no matter who it is going to hurt. Diggy is a big boy, and if he wanted to pursue Dominique over Lacey (which he did), he doesn't need Taylor interfering and playing matchmaker. I don't think Taylor would have liked it if someone came to Paradise shortly after she and Derek met (before they became serious), and that person kept pushing for Derek and another girl to get together. Mind your own business Taylor, and have a little respect for all parties involved. Sorry, I don't hate her, but as someone in the mental health field and with family and friends that have had serious mental health issues, I would never want my family or friends seeing Taylor as a professional or listening to her advice on her podcast due to her pretentious nature, her lack of empathy, her lack of understanding others and inability to put herself in their shoes, and her lack of remorse when she hurts people.

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