Anyone else feel insecure about their age at work?

Naw, I just got extremely lucky. I was in the right place at the right time and networked with the right people. They saw that I had talent and that I worked hard and gave me a chance and I exceeded their expectations. Most people that have been with the company have been there for for 20+ years, I'm by far the youngest and the new hires that they do bring in are also much older. I work in IT and program development department for a big not for profit organization. But yeah, one of the sites I work is part of a university but I dont I dont want to be that guy who hangs out on campus just to talk to students in the main part of it, that's weird. So I figured that I'd just enroll, I start this fall. It's been kind've lonely to be honest, I moved states and everyone I know here do not have the same interests as I do.

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