Anyone else feel Rwby would make a perfect telltale type game?

No, no. She has emotions:

Think Carmen Sandiego who had to borrow her brother Alucard’s wardrobe. This carmen sandiego has the personality of Hellsing Ultimate Abridged’s Alucard. Her name is… Poppy Flannagan. She’s an orphan. She’s the daughter of a comedian, her father always made her laugh. Her father would later die because a mob boss killed him for being not funny.

Poppy would then go to the mob boss’s house to kill him.

“My name is Ms. Poopy Flannagan, you killed my father, prepare to die!” <points gun at mob boss>

“I thought your name was Poppy?”

“I stuttered damn it!” <Proceeds to shoot the mob boss several times, he goes into a coma though and doesnt die. Poppy is okay with this because he won’t hurt anyone again.>

Poppy is not necessarily a good person. She doesn’t like killing people, but not for any moral reasons. She has gets off on making people suffer.

Potential quote from Poppy: “Look Ash, people don’t suffer when they die. People suffer UNTIL they die. If I want to REALLY hurt someone, to make them suffer, I don’t kill them. I kill thier soul, demoralize them. I figured that out when I shot that guy as a kid. Once I kill their soul, it’s funny to me to see them trip up over themselves trying to get their lives back together. Do I take pity? Sure! Just not on people that I hurt. That guy in the romantic comedy that finds his soulmate but can’t have her because she’s too rich for his blood? I cry for that, he’s a sweetie! That guy who is now homeless because I framed him for embezzling, ruined his marriage and estranged him from his wife and kids? F*ck that guy, he made fun of my pigtails.”

Poppy’s hairstyle is that she has the wendy’s girl hair. with freckles. Not so much the blue hair ties though.

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