Anyone else feel this way? Is this a common feeling?

As I'm now reaching the point where I notice myself get attached a little bit, this thought has fleetingly crossed my mind. But then I look at what my life will look like without therapy - which is more of the same or worse and I'm like... no. Nope. I want change.

So I've been reading obsessively about how attachment and dependency works and I'm just going to accept it as part of therapy. Accept that it's going to feel very uncomfortable for someone like me. And also keep a close eye on myself because I do not want to ever get into extremely needy territory, since that would feel like I'm no longer myself. I don't know if it's even possible. But yeah. I'm cautious.

But for now I've decided I'm going to just let this thing happen. And I will make sure I discuss it with my therapist and decide with her about what is too much for me.

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