Has anyone else felt that this season is overly political?

Honestly I felt it wasn’t political enough, like it was studiously avoiding how grim a lot of younger people now find the world and couldn’t directly tackle that progress might not be inevitable. I think that reflects a problem sci fi has as society polarises: half of people going “tackling racism in the past is bad,” and the other half going “take a bolder stance on the racism in the present.” And with the Doctor I really feel that she’s not able to be as iconoclastic as you’d expect the character from years past to be if she rocked up to the present day, because a lot of what the character once opposed is now more mainstream than we’re comfortable to admit.

Maybe it’s because the lives of actual British people are very political now, and our politics is very divided and you can’t easily cater to them all. A massive show has to appeal to a broad church, but if the church broadens widely enough then it’s very limited in what it can actually do or say anymore. There’s only so long that can last before the Doctor loses her force as a character, I think.

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