Anyone else getting burnt out?

I'm kind of in the same boat right now. Lately, I just haven't been having fun playing Overwatch at all. Every now and then I boot up the game, play for a few hours, and at the end, I feel worse than I did before, dejected even. It hurts to admit , because I love Overwatch, but I'm just not feeling it anymore.

One of the reasons for that is probably the fact that I'm a Zenyatta main, he is the character I have invested the most time into mastering and feel most comfortable on. I have played him for many hundreds of hours, and he was the character I managed to climb out of gold with and reach masters. But now with double shield and Doomfist being in almost every match, Zenyatta is borderline useless, and that's depressing to me.

Doomfist in general is so nauseatingly opressive to play against. Nothing has ever made me want to quit Overwatch more than to get bullied by a Doomfist over and over and not being able to do anything about it. No other hero in the game can so reliably and easily delete you if he wants to. I don't really care that much about new events and cosmetics as much as other people seem to, I'm happy as long as the core game is solid and balanced and fun. But lately, it just hasn't been fun for me at all, and Blizzard is so frustratingly slow at fixing problematic heroes like Doomfist ... it just, I dunno, playing Overwatch in its current state feels like a form of self-punishment.

And on top of all that, the recent Blizzard controversy left such a bitter taste in my mouth. It's a bummer, because the decision to punish Blitzchung was obviously made by the higher ups at Blizzard. The countless programmers, writers, artists and voice actors who work for Blizzard, the people who actually made this game that I love, had nothing to do with this whole mess. But still, these last couple of days just thinking about Overwatch makes me feel icky. :(

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