Anyone Else Given Up On Ranked?

I haven't touched ranked yet but once I sort of started to understand what this game was about, my gut feeling about what solo queue would be like was not positive.

When you strip away a lot of the tedious individual responsibility from games like DotA and LoL, you also strip away a lot of the potential to individually carry. If your team is behind you can't just retreat to your lane and farm up, and the value in roaming and ganking other lanes is not going to snowball a match generally.

On top of this, Blizzard's rock paper scissors balance tendencies are alive and well in this game, so a somewhat cohesive draft is incredibly important in solo queue. In other games you can probably get away with something less optimal because there are very few situations where you'll be rendered completely useless by a counterpick.

Combine this with the fact that you'll likely be playing with at least one of those "I only play Blizzard games and when I play team league my wife who I met in WoW tunnels me on Morales" players found in all Blizz games and it's a recipe for frustration.

I suspect a lot of climbing in solo queue has to come from the way you interact with your players and whether or not you can corral an idiot or four into making a decent draft and committing to calls in-game.

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