Anyone else hates to be associated with transgenderism?

What you've written is a garbage opinion. It reads like how people talked about homosexuality not 40 years ago.

Firstly, I DONT mean that I think the gays are bad persons.

I just disagree with how left wing politics encourages the label "LBHTQ+" or whatever it is now. Because now it's like I accept homosexuality, or I am somehow associated with it. It's not a real thing. How do you even know what it feels liike to love a man? Or a woman? I think it's harmful to be encouraging it. Not only because it literally reaffirms gender roles (lmao), it also doesn't make sense to give young teens a prevertrd mindset who don't have a developed prefontal cortex yet, and are unable to make life changing decisions on their own because foreseeing the consequences is hard.

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