Anyone else here like sad workout songs for working out? Makes me more pumped up and motivated

I'm not going to tell you that it will be easy. The feeling of loss never goes away sometimes. You only get better at dealing with it.

One thing I saw some internet "gurus" say, that kind of worked for me was to pretend you're trying to win them back. You tell yourself, let me reflect on what I did wrong in this relationship. It's not about you doing something wrong, you have have almost done nothing wrong.. but no one is perfect. Zoom into the things you truly believe you could have done better. Put your ego aside and examine yourself. Then, make a list of things you will abso-fucking-lotely conquer! For me, I was ditched because of anxiety and sadness after my startup crashed and burned and after I was absolutely broke. They left me because I also was so focused on the startup I rarely socialized or adventure.

So I said, "they are right" and boy does it burn your entire body when you say that phrase. But I swallowed my pride, and I put three goals.

So my list was:

Go back to your best self:
1) Eat well and fill your boney face
2) Commit to a sexy body and expect no results before one full year
3) Afford my own room again
4) Connect with friends and invest time on them (even if you force yourself in the beginning)
5) Drum again

Six months later, they were secretly checking my Instagram everyday, they were trying to contact me and they lost it when I covered our favorite song on the drums. "OMG, I didn't know you are this good at drums..." Anyway, they came back crawling. Things didn't end up working out though and sh** fell apart again. But. That anger and sadness from the breakup turned into a 6-pack, good material for my Tinder profile, and a rekindling of my friendships. And if anyone tells you that a shirtless picture of proper workout dedication results doesn't 100% work, they are lying.

Your future is bright. Make the pain count.

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