Anyone else hoping Disney do something iconic with Elsa's character in Frozen 2...

General mass media rules would apply, if you're going to go tip-toeing into LGBT representation, do it with gay men first because they're the shiny boys and they're so much fun! Ha! Those fun gays!

Gay women? What? Huh? Whu? How can our thoughtful, sensitive, liberal and straight male writers imagine their ideal MPDGs if they're going to go competing with them for women, and anyway don't lesbians hate men? Nope, noooope, nothing about that adds up at all. We want to get bums on seats and if a guy is taking a chick to the movies on a first date, he's not going to do it with a bunch of boner-killing chick stuff that, frankly, he can get better on PornHub later.

Lightly exaggerated maybe?

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