Anyone else noticed this?

Ok, let's start from the beginning, all the way to the campaign. We know Wens were hated and all, right? When the war was over, everyone wanted them terminated, which was showing distaste because of only their last name. They wanted all of them gone, eliminated, but instead, WWX sought out to protect them, to which he did. Eventually, when Wen Qing died, and Wen Ning was though to have, I think, disintegrated? They were gone with a bad reputation, Jiang Cheng in the beginning, I think skinned, and did other bad things to innocent people who just simply bore the name Wen, to their MAYBE ancestors, since they may have been other Wens. Wen Yuan can be used as an example of decending and rising since, though he didn't know he was Wen as first, when he realized he was, he openly revealed it, Wen Yuan didn't deny it, and contrary to what you expect, he wasn't disowned by the Lans, and infact, still had everyone else as his friends. Jin Ling hated Wens. It's been a while since I watched it, but I'm positive he did hate them, but still stayed friends with him. This was a changing point for the Wens. Next is the ghost General Wen Ning, just like everyone else, was hated. When he came back when everyone thought he was gone, still hated. Wen Ning still protected everyone, even Jiang Cheng. Long story short, because of that protection, he was slowly accepted and is just like Wen Yuan, loved by the juinors despite everything. They were similar to WWX since he was able to gain his reputation back and all. Sorry, I suck at explaining, so I really suggest reading the novel. It progresses better than what I'm saying.

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