Anyone else only alive because of TV and video games?

Life is what you make of it. We live in a weird world, in a weird time when nothing is set in stone. Brits voted for Brexit which will most likely fuck up their entire economy, the situation in USA is interesting too, to say the least. Yet all of that is meaningless, compared to the lives of most people in Africa or India. There's also global warming that might fuck up the entire planet.

Scary, yet entertaining times. I want to see what will happen in the future, I want to know who's responsible for this mess in Britain, why Trump won, so I'm reading many things about those countries, to make my own judgment.

Maybe everything will be just fine in the next 10 years and we will be laughing at all of those problems. I'm trying to be a decent person, be someone who will benefit the world, even in a tiniest way possible. I cleaned up my neighborhood from the plastic bags and other crap to know that I did something against

About videogames and TV shows. What's wrong with playing/watching them? If you enjoy that very much, then that's great. I'm doing this myself from time to time, but to be honest, I enjoy analyzing them and seeing how those industries change even more. I'm living in my own bubble too, but I've learned through the years to not give a single fuck about opinions of other people. If you feel like you're bored with them, then give yourself a rest and try new things. Watching or playing just for the sake of it becomes really boring. Physical activity is very crucial to the psyche, and I mean even very simple things like going for a walk or biking.

I don't want to encourage you to doing something that you might regret, but I've took LSD once and it made me feel at peace with my own life. I took a small dose, I haven't seen any weird things, but it made me very happy in that day. It let me appreciate minor things like touch or taste of food, made me focus on present rather that the future. I was focused on my life in the next years rather than taking pleasure from everything I have. Who knows, I might die tomorrow, get hit by the car. I had no "ego death", the experience didn't improve my life in magical way, but it was a little, yet important step towards joyful life.

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