Anyone else play Dream Daddy and can't unsee this? [NS]

I don't like applying race to any of the dads, since it's not explicitly mentioned and all head-canons are equally valid, and I want to be sure that I don't come across as a "why can't everyone just be white dudes every time always and forever" tool when I say this: I think Henry is white. Not because I oppose the dads being anything but white, just because it makes it so much funnier when he talks about racism and goes HAM on it, but then it's revealed that he only kinda understands it. Henry is that overly woke liberal who means well, but always takes it a little too far and screws it up and winds up hurting the people he's trying to help. The really shines in stuff like Racism Doesn't Rock on the Henry Oak mix tape.

That's just my two cents on it, though. Nothing wrong with picturing Henry as a dorky dude of any race, and all head canons are valid

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