Anyone else regret hanging with people from hostels sometimes?

It depends. Some are cool to hang out with, others are not.

Just came back from Perú, and I was sworn at and threatened literally out of the blue by this insane woman from Uruguay at a hostel I was staying at in Miraflores. We were on conversational terms, but then she started prying into my life and always in my face, telling me what I'm doing wrong - that she sees me drink too many beers and sodas, and that she overheard talk over the phone about my anxiety medications, and that I'll be fucked for life. A few minutes later she says that she'll give me a black eye for literally no reason. I know she's a woman, but had no choice but to raise my voice and put her in her place. Spoke with the owners and they apologised for her. That was the only bad experience I've had in the entire month in Perú.

Always be prepared to meet batshit crazy when staying at a hostel.

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