Anyone else is sad that normies are taking anime jn general and female characters too literal?

If only you hadn't said normies. Speaking of which, what the fuck even is a normie?

Ok, I know what a normie is, but what the fuck does it mean? Like unscrambled, it spells out

merino. Merino is a breed of sheep. So are normies sheeps? But if normies are sheeps, what

does that mean for non-normie?

Well that kinda unscrambled is iron-men. So they are super egotistical billionaire heroes with

a crappy heart. I guess that's why normies and non-normies clash. But if non-normies are

iron-men, does that mean they save normies? This is an interesting question. If we combine

non-normie and normie, unscrambled we get iron merino-men. This means collectively these

two groups of people are all iron chimera men-sheeps that save the day. Save the day from

what? For to save, you need to gatekeep the idea of not saving. What might saving and not

saving mean in anime context. Hmmmm.

AhA HAH! I got it. Saving means normies and non-normies help each out. But by gatekeeping

that idea, we don't help each other out. I get it.

Moral of the Story: Normie is merino. Non-normie is iron-men. Together, they are iron merino-

men. When viewed as a collective hero organization, we help each other. When not,

gatekeeping occurs.

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