Has anyone else started to notice an increase in polarization coming up to this upcoming election?

I think it's important to differentiate between lacking civility and calling a spade a spade. Not every politician deserves to be labeled a racist, but some do.

Sure, but the word racism gets used far, far, far too often. But the frequency with which charges of racism get thrown out are outrageous.

Many on the left casually throwing "not all conservatives are racists, but all racists are conservatives" perfectly illustrates that problem.

  1. No. In fact not all racists are conservatives.
  2. No. There are racists who support other parties.
  3. The fact that this saying is a relatively common occurrence is absolutely abhorrent.

There are many issues that arise from woke activists around the issue of race, and if you don't agree with there view you automatically get labelled a racist. That is childish, disrespectful and polarizing.

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