Anyone else still get phantom anxiety from pledging?

In all seriousness, yes. I recently transferred colleges, and I was a member of a social society at my last school, which is VERY similar to a fraternity. We had pledgeship, big brothers, formals, the whole 9 yards. Since we weren't regarded as a fraternity by the school, we could operate with fairly loose oversight from the University. We had a super serious, "crucible" style pledgeship, and it was tough, but very rewarding.

At my new school, since I wasn't a member of an IFC national fraternity, I had the ability to rush again. I got bids at a few different houses, and decided to accept one, and commenced pledging. Even though they legitimately did not haze, I constantly was stressed out, because I figured we were going to get crucified. Every lineup, I had flashbacks to hours and hours of physical and mental hell. It never happened, and I actually decided to drop, because it was a fucking joke compared to my last pledgeship. Much to my surprise, the brotherhood was actually a lot weaker at this "old row" style house compared to my last one, because in my opinion, they didn't have a legitimate pledgeship. I never felt challenged, and so I just decided it wasn't worth my time or money.

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