Anyone else #TGIT with your DOC tonight?

Well it's simple, you just roll the fingertips of the gloves together with the rub on the inside if it's fairly dried out and it's just crumbles and you pour it out and smoke it. It's just pot plant resin after all.

It's a notch below the kinda hash I get from the trim machines cause there's little bits of leaf and crap like that inside, but I know for a fact when my friends are in a tight spot with little pot or money they're really happy to get some free gloves or a shit ton of gloves from me for like $10-20.

When the rub is still fresh you can put the gloves in the freezer to make it easier to get the gummy hash off the gloves but personally I wouldn't need to do that trick as I'm used to dealing with them and I don't struggle with them at all,...just makes it much easier.

I don't smoke pot anymore tho. which saves me serious cash, cash for food, expensises, and dope! :) So when I take home gloves from the grow, or raid the trim machines for hash those are nice bonuses for me. especially since I hate sitting on a couple of ozs of weed so as of late I'm too broke so when it comes time to get pad instead of waiting for the pot to dry... and then waiting as I slowly sell each bag of weed I usually just take the cash.

Once I am working more often tho outside of this job I'll be able to take the weed every time and save it up... then I'll have tons of pot and I'll never run out nor will I have to worry about how fast I sell it.

$25 an hour is great but if I could save 2 ozs at a time that would add up to $400 instead of getting paid $200 on the spot the day I work. When this is my only source of income atm tho I need to take the cash... I just can't wait around to sell the pot atm.

You could eat the cook it with some butter but I'd rather use some of the trim from the machines, it's bud trim and just fine for making butter. I may not smoke anymore but I know that for most people rub is a special treat, pot smokers usually love rub.

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