Anyone else do things you enjoy in secret bc you're embarrassed of people reminding you of your neurodivergence?

I prefer to clean alone. I have my own ways and orders of doing things that I guess aren't typical and it annoys me to have it pointed out or told how to do it. If we have company I dont clean the kitchen while they're here. The women ask and I say no, my husband cooks for company and I clean up after everyone leaves...they often end up cleaning my kitchen without me. I tell them not to. I'm in the south, u.s. so I think its just what people do? But when I go to someone elses house I feel so weird to clean up their kitchen because I dont like to be watched doing the things the way I do and I dont know how to help without getting in the way.

I also watch my trash t.v. alone. My husband's oppinions about the redicullousness of it just ruins my enjoyment. I like sister wives, Darcy and Stacey, 90day everything etc.

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