Anyone else thinking Trump is using Mar-a-Lago because the White House is bugged?

We've known the White has was tapped for decades dude. Get with it. This is total war man. It could go either way right now. Trump has to come out strong this week or else this will be a short administration. Clean out the cucks in the administration too because about 95% of his administration is full or neocons and shills or just pussies. It's time to be strong and stop fuckkng around with these cartoon memes. They just ran out Flynn and they're working on sessions now. If they get him then Bannan is next and that's it. We can't really trust Pence Preibus Or anyone else in the top echelon.

Notice after the first few weeks this administration has ground to a half under the globalist neocon offensive and the treason of the cucks burrowed into the administration.

Trump needs to step forward even stronger than he had been now and shut this down. It's time for arrests indictments firings etc. clean house completely.

This is serious shit. There's basically a coup going on against us and people are playing with fuckkng cartoons like nothing is wrong.

It really is time to MAGA. Get fucking serious pedes! The shit is hitting the fan right now.

MAGA isn't just a fun internet thing, this is real life and it's life and death for our country.

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