Anyone else tired of hearing about DevOps?

Nope, I'm one of them.

There's nothing wrong with new terms in the industry, the issue of bad roles has always started at the companies that misinform them. My current contract defines DevOps in a sane way and it makes sense. I'm a developer with a heavy Linux administration base that takes existing automation infrastructure and I make it better, along with adding new pipelines for software delivery, validation, etc.

You can rant all you like but the term is here to stay and is growing more popular, if you don't like a certain organizations definition of DevOps you can feel free to let them know or attempt to change it. There's nothing wrong with just being a Developer or a SysAdmin as well, but there is something wrong about hating on another role just because you've seen it carried out unsuccessfully in certain areas.

How would you feel if Developers or DevOps performers told you that a SysAdmin is just a keyboard monkey that doesn't know how to write good code?

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