Anyone else's New Years a bust?

Alright, so allow me to explain what I mean now that I'm a little better rested. Vets was the wrong word. Preferred drivers is a better term. And I don't mean by rating. In a different life, I was part of a team that developed AVL. AVL stands for Automated Vehicle Locator. I d9nt want to overstate my importance to the project, I was a very small cog reporting to the tech guys from the field. The business was emergency road service calls. We perfected the technology which led to something called Auto-Bid. AVL identified the best truck to send to the breakdown based upon capabilities & response time. Auto-Bid was introduced into the equation once an AVL zone was established and there were trucks competing for the same work. Basically a call pinged out and whomever would do the call for the lowest price got it. Think Shipping Wars in that respect.

The very foundation of Uber is built upon this very same platform.

Surge Zones are the equivalent of selling smoke. They claim it's dynamic etc. While this may be true, value in the algorithm can be changed by whomever want to manipulate the pricing. Uber never loses, the drivers and pax always will. It's not a grand conspiracy. By preferred driver I mean ones who are in on it, like shills. The duration of which you've been driving is immaterial to the issue. Just like every piece of love performance, the audience needs plants. These drivers are those plants. They get the premium surge rates and Uber gets to rape the customer while standard drivers ostensibly serve as backups.

This is entirely possible. I know because I was the guy who controlled the values at one point. I could make or break whomever I wanted whenever I wanted. It's was all just 1s & zeros. Not unreasonable to think an operations guy in any given market couldn't collude with a driver and make his own bank. As long as Ubers raking it in, nobody would look at him twice.

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