Anyone ever call out disrespectful patrons when you're a customer?

Was in line to pay at a restaurant where you pay at the register after you have had your meal. The line was about 10 guests long, maybe longer. I waited a long time and was the next up to pay. A cholo comes up and cusses the lady at the register out saying he’s not going to f*ckin pay if he has to wait. He decided he was going to cut the line so he didn’t have to wait and I don’t know what got into me but I snapped. I said I was paying next and he pushes his way in line and throws his card at the lady taking payment. I said f that, you’re going to have to wait like everyone else. Mind you my boyfriend at the time was with me in line and didn’t say anything. It became a shouting match and my dude straight walked out while this bald crazy looking gangster was all up in my face yelling at me and pushing me away with his finger in my face. All because the lady wouldn’t take his payment since he threw his card at her. It was terrifying but I stood my ground because it was bs. I didn’t expect it to escalate like that but not only did no one intervene, my dude left to the car and didn’t defend or protect me in any way. This was 8 years ago. There’s no way I would ever do that again and risk my life, as this was in Cali and I could’ve easily gotten shot. But ultimately I paid and got out of there before he did as quickly as possible. It was disheartening and I learned to just let some things go as they’re not worth the effort/risk. I also never looked at my partner the same again.

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