Anyone ever found a body? What’s that like?

When I was 6 years old I was in a day camp where we went swimming in an old quarry every day. It had many lifeguards on duty as it is a popular swimming spot in my area. My three friends and I swam out a little to where it wasn’t super deep but we could just barely touch bottom. My friend noticed something big and yellow on the sand under the water (the water was starting to get weedy where we were and you couldn’t see clearly down to the bottom) and dared us all to try and touch it with our toes. It was kinda hard and felt “slimy” and we all screeched and laughed and we called out to our camp leader that we found something under the water. He said “its probably a big rock! Try to pick it up!” But we never got the chance because at that moment the lifeguards ordered everyone out of the swimming area and they did the link-arms-and-walk thing in the water. Right where we were giggling about touching the “slimy thing” in the water with our toes they found the body of a 2 year old girl who had wandered off from her family and drowned. She was wearing a yellow swimming suit. Yikes

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