Anyone ever found a body? What’s that like?

A man was merdered on my block a little over a year ago. My step dad was driving me to an early morning seminary and when we turned the corner he was just lying in the street. He had only been dead for an hour or so when we found him and he was still warm under his hoodie. He was out collecting can when 3 teenagers came up and tried to steal his car, when he refused to give them the keys they shot him in the chest with a shotgun at almost point blank range. He was lying on his right side with the one arm outstretched with the flashlight he was using still on and pointed at his face. There was a large puddle of blood under him and a bit of tissue that had been ejected by the shotgun blast a few feet behind him. In the moment i felt kinda frozen and a sense of dread. This was soon replaced with a kinda sense of morbid curiosity mixed with a numb sensation. I couldn't really sleep for about a week and now I get occasional nightmares. In the dream the dead guy is standing at the foot of my bed just watching me and then I wake up and my room is empty and I'm all sweaty. His name was ricky malone if anyone is wondering.

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