Anyone feel like Finasteride reduces erection quality?

I have a unique perspective on this since I had pre-existing erection problems before I jumped on Fin at 23. I fractured my penis when I was a teenager when masturbating (unfortunate, freak accident). And since that point, it was always difficult to maintain an erection but as I got older became aggressively more difficult. It's like my body was relying more heavily on the hormonal aspect of reaching and maintaining an erection since the vascular aspect was compromised. When I got on Fin, my erection quality suffered significantly. For example, I could use a vacuum device and wear a cock ring afterward but it would deflate within a minute to like 50%. Eventually, 2.5 years later, I decided to get off Fin and my erection quality improved significantly, I almost felt like a teenager again, I was getting spontaneous erections at random moments at work. I think somehow the process of getting back on Fin restarted something and for awhile seemed to be better than before I had even got on Fin in the first place. That transitioning phase has since subsided. I know achieve okay erections (75-80% I would say) but only because I live a very healthy lifestyle, work out often and eat a lot of calories. I think if I got back on Fin my erections would inevitably suffer again as the vascular nature of penis is compromised

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