Has anyone had a positive experience with the police in this country?

I got assaulted and they turned up and I'm pretty sure saved my life or at least saved me from an incredibly serious injury, but they were not really that nice when it came to my interview and they didn't get the people who did it so, eh.

Only other time was as a child there was a stray cat and for some reason the police where dealing with it. But the officer phoned the RSPCA who said they wouldn't take it unless it was injured and he was pleading with them to come and collect this stray. Ultimately he said something like, "right, well I will kick it in a moment and it'll be injured so someone better come get it". Obviously joking but he was fed up with their attitude. So I guess that was positive? Idk..

I guess I like them but wouldn't ever be hopeful they could resolve anything and would rather keep away from them.

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