Anyone having fun in solo anymore?

I'm having a blast. Ever since the matchmaking adjustments were made my match ups have been much more fair. All the minion changes have made death balling and grouping a move to reconsider. It's not always punishing though. You just have to learn to read the situation and if it's worth grouping for picks now that death timers are so long. I feel that this makes it easier when solo queuing against pre-made groups. Before these changes the enemy team would be able to group up and deathball and very rarely be punished for it. If you were split pushing against an enemy deathball the minions you hda were too slow and did very little damage to towers. An enemy hero would be back covering that lane by the time there was any real threat to that tower. Pushing as a caster was especially frustrating. If you were a caster you'd need to bring in around 3-4 waves to down a tower. That was unacceptable and made them almost useless most of the time.

I rarely get matched up with and against people that do not know what they are doing. That's just how it is in my ELO range so I don't really get some of the complaints here. Sure EPIC should have a tutorial for new players but don't jump on EPIC for making changes that bad players can't adjust too. I'm not bashing nor praising the recent changes. I'm just neutral with all of this and I'll adjust accordingly. It's not EPIC's fault that a tower went down when a jungler wasn't covering a lane when a laner had to back because he was out of mana or low health even though he's been calling for help for the past couple of minutes. It's not EPIC's fault that the laner didn't call for help and no one knew he had to back so a tower went down.

Honestly if you have over 200 games you're probably at where you deserve to be. Blaming your teammates should no longer be the reason why you're in ELO hell and why you get bad teammates. I guarantee you that if you were silver/gold and you were matched up with plats and diamonds they would be able to see the decision making that keeps you in that tier for so long. If you're good enough to be higher believe me you'll be higher.

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