Is anyone here also fine with not having any life goals or aspirations? I'm just trying to survive here, not be the president of a big company.

I get what you mean, but for me once I start I can’t stop. Right now I’m as lazy and unproductive as ever because of the lockdown and it’s messing me up, but once you find something you’re passionate about it takes over and becomes as source of real happiness.

The fact of the matter is, you do need to be a productive member of society whether you like it or not - and most people don’t like what they do. What you’re feeling isn’t unique, basically everyone goes through it, but what you gotta do it push through. You say you want to enjoy living without the pressures? Well that’s not a reality for anyone on this planet, we all have to do our part, and when we do that we earn the opportunity to enjoy our lives.

Are you really fulfilled and enjoying life when you’re not contributing anything and have no goals or is it just “easier” and more comfortable? Comfortable and enjoyable are two very different things, comfort can often lead to misery, enjoyable is fulfilling.

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