Anyone know how to start caring for others past your self? Baby steps please I’ll get there eventually

Don't get too mad at yourself for sometimes thinking things like "that sucks for you", etc. That's a normal human response when people hear about something bad that happened to someone else and it doesn't really effect you. The way to start caring about other people is to humanize them. For example, you may not care about what happens to a stranger because you don't know them, so it doesn't effect you. But you need to start thinking, they may have a mom or dad that cares about them, they could have a loving family, they could have no family at all, they may have big dreams and goals, maybe little ones like eating healthier or big goals like going to college and getting their dream job. They might have a cute little pet dog, they could be struggling mentally, they may be having the worst day of their life right now, or the best one. These are just random examples but I'm trying to show that other people are not just random emotionless robots, they are humans that feel emotions and laugh and cry and smile and go through pain and have fun just like you do! Humanizing others will hopefully allow you to empathize with others as we are all the same and therefore we should all be there for each other. Hope this helped

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