Has anyone listened to Anton Kreil? Is his information accurate?

Lol the tone? The OP asked if anyone listened to Anton Kreil and if his information is accurate. I watched him years ago and therefore gave my opinion on him. That’s all. How are you getting an alpha male opinionated tone out of all that? What’s your tone then? Guy who gets irritated by text written online and feels the need to try to correct things his way when that’s against the purpose of the original post? What does that make you?

Kreil is a salesman, hell a great one. His information is valid (though that broker stuff is completely biased and misleading). But there’s no reason for anyone to believe he makes money trading these days because he shows no proof of his results and even flat out refuses to publish any proof while somehow justifying a 3K charge for his course. Also, there’s not a single student of his that have proof of making consistent money. So therefore, I conclude his course is a rip off especially when that information is freely online. That’s exactly what I was saying in my own original post to answer the OP’s question. Everything else has been completely irrelevant.

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