Anyone notice that Erehisu shippers and DaddyEren theorists skipped this manga page?

Oh so because this one panel says farmer is the father that's the truth huh?

So in chapter one humanity was wiped out because it said so?

So Eren truly believed in Zekes plan and supported the Euthanasia plan because yams wrote Eren agreeing with Zeke?

So Helos truly defeated eldia on his own without any assistance from the Tyburs? Yams clearly states in one panel that's what happened before he changes the story in the next panel.

Newsflash there could be more to the story than the musings of a no name MP officer who got titanized. Ever think that it's odd that a character is introduced in one panel for the sole purpose of purpose of impregnating Historia? Oh right that's good character development. What about the panel in that same chapter where the MP's say that the sudden timing of the pregnancy is odd?

If you dont believe in Eren × Hisu good for you. But you didnt cherry pick this one panel to prove your point like the shippers do so that's why your right about this.

If you want to argue against Eren being the father how about the fact that he didnt go rogue until he was already in Marley and therefore the timing of it doesnt add up?

"But he worked on the farm with her so they must have a good relationship". Have you never had to work with someone you disliked? Furthermore how do you know Historia would ever interact with him? She's the queen and hes a lowly farmhand.

Or heres a thought. maybe let people have fun with shipping wars and just ignore it if you dont like it?

I'm sorry the shipping bothers you but thank you for taking time out of your day to explain to all of us why this one panel answers everything about the father and circumstances around Historias pregnancy. Thank you also for accusing anyone who thinks Eren is the father of not being able read and not paying attention to the manga.

Bless you heart and have a wonderful day

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