Is anyone on this sub actually interested in hunting cryptids?

I came here looking for exactly what you are describing, but the community somehow works to undermine itself. Nobody here is interested in the part of cryptozoology that involves empirical thoughts and practices. Hell, most people here aren’t able to separate the concept of undiscovered or lost animal species from magical woo-woo pixies. Anything goes; I’ve seen people post sighting videos of creepypasta monsters. Everyone here wants to watch grainy, shaky videos on YouTube of shopping bags rustling in the breeze, declare that it’s concrete proof that sirenhead is real, then beat each others’ meat in the comments section about how they were skeptical but this clip is definitely legit. There’s nobody here that’s touching grass, let alone gathering camping gear and going out to catch a moa bird, or whatever.

On the flipside of that, what was OP expecting? What “gear”? Oh sure, this is my giant novelty butterfly net for catching Sasquatch, and check out the box-propped-up-with-a-twig I put up in the pine barrens to catch the Jersey Devil! People go to Loch Ness with equipment that’d spot a nuclear submarine a mile away, find a bunch of rocks and empty liquor bottles, and nobody is convinced there isn’t an immortal dragon down there yet. “Bongs and booze” was the most candid response to that question, because it’s the only way anyone is going to see goatman anytime soon.

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