Anyone use prescribed adhd meds during recovery for energy?

Yeah it sure does help ALOT for alcohol cravings. And yeah people won’t like that you or I am saying that, maybe I’m on the wrong subreddit lol. But I do like to read people’s stories here.

If you can do it in moderation I don’t see the problem.

Kratom has no real comedown (unless you’re dependent) like alcohol does.

I use 100 GPD and that’s a problem, my testosterone is dangerously low, and I have to carry bags of powder, cups, and spoons everywhere I go. But of course it’s also 100x better than all the drinking I was doing. And I need wayyy less Adderall to manage my severe ADD.

I do eventually want to quit or take wayyy less, so I like to come here for tips.

I’m looking into inositol, Semax, NSI-189, 9-me-bc, and a few others. I’ve tried a lot of other stuff though and it didn’t really help Much.

IDK man life sucks if you don’t have proper neuro chemistry, always feel like I need something.

Even a lot of the people here who quit use something else, such as an SSRI which is worse IMO. I’ve even heard of some people using Suboxone to quit Kratom, and that’s a much stronger substance, so I wouldn’t really call that progress.

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