Has anyone received SSI/Disability for their rheumatoid arthritis?

Hi! I don’t know if you still use Reddit but I’m about to help my mother in law apply for SSDI. She’s 57. Has had severe RA since her 20s, both hips replaced, a total of 5 revisions including 1 that required a bone graft, 1 shoulder replacement. She’s due for another replacement but trying to wait a year since you can only have so many in your life. Her husband is ex Amish and she’s Mennonite so they have pushed through and she’s continued to try to work but just lost her job. She hobbles when she walks, her wrist bones are fused so she doesn’t have full use of one of her arms.. long story short I know she qualifies but everything I’ve read says there are at least one denial. Money is tight since neither she or her husband have good pay and she now has zero. I saw that you were approved first try and were willing to share your experience. Could you please share with me as well so I can help her? I’m trying to figure out what do / avoid mistakes that could delay the financial assistance plus working on getting her marketplace insurance becuse I think they’re just over the Medicaid income and she can’t have insurance that won’t cover the expensive hip replacement.

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